This scene is so so so important. Look at all the times the word “we” is used.The boys treasure Nagisa, his dreams, and his emotions. Nagisa is largely the reason there’s even a swim club and look how far they’ve gotten. This is true friendship. Look how they decide to help Nagisa talk to his parents. Look at how they not only care for his desire to swim, but for his home life to be better. Look how quick they are to protect Nagisa when they think his parents have come for him. They don’t want Nagisa’s options to be running away or giving up something he loves. Makoto, Haru, and Rei (especially hehe) know Nagisa is special and for Nagisa to see that his friends treasure him so much just- IF YOU WERE NOT ON THE VERGE OF TEARS OR CRYING DURING THIS SCENE THEN IDEK WHAT TO TELL YOU.